?How robust are the trajectory prediction models

This is a collection of three research projects, Social-attack which evaluates “social” understanding of trajectory prediction models, Scene-attack which evaluates the “scene” understanding of them, and Certified that provides a guaranteed robustness for trajectory predictors.

Vehicle trajectory prediction works, but not everywhere

A real-world place in Paris where the trajectory prediction model (here LaneGCN) fails. We find this place by retrieving real-world locations which resemble our conditional generated scenes for the prediction model.

Are socially-aware trajectory prediction models

?really socially-aware

Given the observation trajectories of the agents in the scene, a predictor (here S-LSTM) forecasts the future positions reasonably (blue lines). However, with less than 5cm perturbation in the observation trajectory (in red), an unacceptable collision is predicted.

Certified Human Trajectory Prediction

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